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The Provider Program

Welcome to The Provider Program, where we offer a comprehensive package specifically designed to enhance and grow your business. By embracing the synergy of holistic and naturopathic medicine with traditional Western medical practices, we are spearheading a healthcare movement focused on awareness, transformative patient care and proactive wellness solutions.

Your commitment to this integrative approach helps to foster a future, impacting generations to come, where healthcare goes beyond treatment and nurtures total patient wellness. We are grateful for your decision to partner with us in this endeavor. With your help, we aim to improve patient health with advanced phytonutrients and our 11 different state-of-the-art cellular absorption technologies such as liposomal and enzymatic deliveries.

In this package, you will discover a wealth of tools and resources thoughtfully curated to support you in seamlessly integrating these innovative solutions into your business. Please take a moment and navigate this website using the buttons on the left side.  These will provide you access to all the wonderful tools available.

Together, we can help to change the way we view healthcare, opening minds, and prioritizing the blessing of proactive and preventative wellness for the ultimate benefit of you and your clients.

Our Mission

Our mission for THREE’s Provider Program is to equip healthcare providers with innovative tools and knowledge that blend wisdom of holistic and naturopathic medicine with the precision of Western medical science.

We are dedicated to fostering a movement that educates physicians, healthcare advocates and retail location owners on nutrition and holistic health, enabling them to expand their patient care solutions.

Through our streamlined process, Providers can effortlessly incorporate proactive wellness products into their practice, thus enhancing patient outcome without disrupting their workflow.

Our plug-and -play system is designed to support the health of patient and the growth of practices, catalyzing a significant shift towards a more natural and healthier future of all.

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