Basically, the crux of a “good” vs “bad” testimonial centers on the FDA concept of “structure/function.”

According to the FDA, a structure/function claim describes how a nutrient or ingredient affects the normal structure or function of the body. For example, “drinking milk makes your bones stronger.”

What does the FDA consider to be an “approved” structure/function claim?

When it comes to marketing Vasayo products, whether online or in person, the same FDA rules apply:

• The claim(s) must be substantiated (proven) by competent and reliable scientific evidence.
• This scientific evidence must be in your possession when the claim(s) are first made.
• “Competent and reliable scientific evidence” requires tests, analyses, research, studies, or other evidence based on the expertise of professionals in the relevant area, that have been conducted and evaluated
in an objective manner by persons qualified to do so, using procedures
generally accepted in the profession to yield accurate and reliable results.

What claims can I make as I market and sell CBD One?

Only statements/claims made in official Company material, provided to you by Vasayo, may be used to promote Vasayo products. Approved CBD One claims are as follows:

• May Help Increase Concentration: CBD One may help aid persons having
difficulty concentrating.*
• May Help Manage Discomfort: CBD One may help to manage some types of discomfort.*
• May Help Support Cardiovascular Health: CBD One may help support
heart health.*
• May Help Support Healthy Skin: CBD One may give your skin a more
youthful appearance, thanks to its healthy inflammatory response
• May Help Support Healthy Immune System: CBD One may help to maintain an already healthy immune system.*
• Not Psychoactive: CBD One comes from the hemp plant and is THC-free,
making it non-psychoactive.*
• May Help Support Relaxation: CBD products have been shown to support
relaxation in some individuals.*
• May Help Provide Positive Mental Support: CBD One may promote a
healthy, balanced state of mind.*

The above claims should always be accompanied by asterisks with the
following disclaimer:

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or
prevent any disease.